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About an Author

Software development is both an art and engineering.

Jakub Noniewcz, aka MoNsTeR of GDC, born in 1973, currently lives in Poland. Programming since 1988. First started with 8-bit ZX Spectrum and later Commodore C-64. After a brief moment with demoscene and work as network admin today with over 30 years of experience in programming works with passion on many different software projects. With knowledge, experience and creativity goes on a quest for perfection on the road to fast and effective applications development learning something new every day.

Areas of experience:
  • Delphi / Lazarus / FreePascal - applications and components for Windows (not only)
  • Databases: Firebird, MySQL, MSSQL, Postgres, MS Access, Oracle (basics)
  • C, C++ and C#
  • Python
  • Java / Android (Eclipse, Android Studio)
  • WEB design / web applications (HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, JSON, JavaScript, React.js, ASP.NET, CGI, Flask)
  • UNIX/Linux/FreeBSD
  • Internet/networking/protocols eg. TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, SOAP
  • Assemblers: Z80, 6502 and also (I've forgotten a bit) 8051, 80x86, 68000
  • Sage Symfonia - AMBASIC and VBA, also Optima
  • Computer graphics, computer animation and image manipulation
  • Video - creation, montage, computer processing (Adobe Premiere)
  • Background in electronics (especially digital)
  • IOT - Arduino and Raspberry-PI
  • ZenGL and Phaser3 game engines
  • MS Excel + VBA
  • HL7, DICOM, Mirth Connector
  • Experience in systems integration
  • PERL (long time not used) and shell scripts
  • LUA - basics
Me, quite some time ago, <= year 2000

How did it all start

I found this one day on some old floppy. And this is just how it all started long ago...
(This is MONS3M2 Z80 monitor program fo ZX Spectrum)

      These are my old computers (most of them):
ZX Spectrum, Commodore C-64 and C-128, some Sharp...

Blog and more

Since 2011.06 I have a little blog, but not much is there:
You can also visit my other page at


NOTE: See downloads section for my old demos for ZX Spectrum 48 kB with AY 3-8912 from year 1990 (I was 17).

I've recently (in 2009 that is) discovered and recovered them from old tapes. OR you may want to see them on Youtube:

Zx Spectrum demo from 1990 GIGA DEMO part I
Zx Spectrum demo from 1990 Speccy Images I
Zx Spectrum demo from 1990 Speccy Images II
Zx Spectrum demo from 1990 SHORT DEMO
New addition to the collection (first ZX production after 25 years) - in Polish only:
Zx Spectrum demo from 2015 TURBO WIESZCZ++ 2.0
And newest addition to the collection (2nd ZX production recently, 2nd place at Riverwash 2016 in wild/anim compo):
Zx Spectrum demo Rainbow (2016)

In the old times I also wrote some Commodore C-64 demos:

Commodore C-64 demo from 1994 - Slideshow#1
Commodore C-64 demo from 1992-1995 - TurboWieszcz++
Commodore C-64 demo from 1994 - Monster's note
Commodore C-64 demo from 1994 - V-Bars
Commodore C-64 demo from 1993 - Monster's Eyes
Commodore C-64 intro from 1992
Commodore C-64 demo from 1991 - Crazy Balls

In 2009 I released at Riverwash party small (256 bytes) intro called "Zen of xor" for PC / DOS / 80x86 CPU.


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