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Pi Play - overview

Current version: BETA

The idea of this simple program is to allow you to hear how the PI (3.1415926535...) sounds. This is basically an educational and experimental tool. I created it inspired by a guy who creates so called 'noise' kind of music.

The sound is produced via MIDI and it can be saved as *.mid file. The PI itself is not calculated by the program, instead it is precalculated and loaded from text file (approx. 1E6 digits). You can set yourself various parameters, like mapping digits (0-9) to music notes, instruments, etc. Mapping is self-explanatory, I think. Valid notes are: A0 - C8, valid instruments: 0-127, valid volume: 0-255.

Beyond the basic concept of listening to PI you can also load other input text data (0-9 or other ASCII, eg. A-Z or whatever) and experiment with it (try some poetry or other texts...).

Enjoy your experiments!

Please note: it is BETA version, it has one serious BUG: when writting *.mid files the timing is totally wrong.


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