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I've always dreamed about creating computer games. I even tried some for ZX Spectrum in "the old days". But then came the PC. Then came the work. Then there was no time. All the cool games were 3D and creating one rquired a team of people and not only coders but also actors, and managers, and a huge budget.
But now... in 2013 with rapid growth of the popularity of mobile devcies the situation is different. And I think the demand for casual games is bigger. Also all the 80's now grown up kids are longing for old skool games. And there are the kids, and there are the people in their 60's and 70's who discover the world of games for the first time. And simple games give them a lot of fun. Also let's not forget about education. So much can be learned through fun now...

I set myself a goal to create cool games, with high focus on (but not limited to) education. I've already got 100+ ideas, and while working hard on some I also try to refine the others. Time and my Users will tell if I did well...

My games (so far) are free to play, so please donate if you like them and if you can. It will really help a lot! Also I will greatly appreciate any feedback - negative or otherwise. So when you rate the games on Google Play, please leave some comment too.

The whole BCF is for now in English only. One day I will add other languages as well. But there is one thing that I need to put here, despitie it is in Polish: a great blog, of one really wise and insightful game dev veteran (in sense of experience): Inzynieria Wszechswietnosci. I'm trying to drink from there as much wisdom as I can absorb.

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