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Currently all games are (or will be) created using the following tools and technologies:
  • Lazarus
  • ZenGL
  • Chipmnuk
  • Eclipse Helios JAVA IDE -- OBSOLETE
  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • Android NDK

    Audio tools:
  • Mad Tracker 2
  • Audacity

    Graphics tools:
  • various

    Hardware / testing

    Currently all games are tested on the following devices:
  • Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 E15i phone (Android 2.1-update1)
  • Omega STAR MID 7000 tablet (Android 4.2.2)
  • KYROS COBY MID7015A tablet (Android 2.1-update1)
    Sometimes additional test are done on:
  • GOCLEVER TAB R974 tablet (Android 4.1.1)


    Blocks For Kids
    Project started: 2013-03-30.
    Project finished (up to v1.1) 2013-04-26.
    Total time (idea, coding, graphics, sound, testing): 34 h.

    Burmese Syllables
    Originally started as a flash quiz in 2009 but never finished. Reactivated in 2012 as Windows/Android learnig game when I discovered ZenGL 2d game engine. The game includes my basic knowledge of Burmese syllables which I decided is worth sharing (after I used Wikipedia to learn more). This is the second game started @ Blue Cat Factory.
    Project started: 2012-10-03.
    Project finished (up to v1.1) 2013-05-13.
    Total time (idea, coding, graphics, sound, testing): 104 h.

    Bubble Tap
    Initially I was thinking: hey it's a cool way of giving the Chipmunk library some work to do. It was only after I've published it when I realized how many similar games there are already... But still I enjoy it myself and hope others will too.
    Project started: 2013-04-14.
    Project finished (up to v1.0) 2013-05-07.
    Total time (idea, coding, graphics, sound, testing): 54 h.

    Russian Alphabet
    A clone of Burmese Syllables, readapted for Russian alphabet.
    Project started: 2013-05-30.
    Project finished (up to v1.0) 2013-06-08.
    Total time (rewrite, graphics, sound, testing): 18 h.

    YAP Puzzle
    The original idea came from a friend: please write a puzzle, where the user can add own images. This is the fist game I started and it took the longest so far to finish. Part of the reason for that is that I needed to first create my own base game engine.
    Project started: 2012-09-16.
    Project finished (up to v1.0) 2013-06-30.
    Total time (idea, coding, graphics, sound, testing): 144 h.

    Japanese Syllables
    Yet another clone of Burmese Syllables, readapted for Japanese Hiragana alphabet.
    Project started: 2013-10-22.
    Project finished (up to v1.0) 2013-12-23.
    Total time (rewrite, graphics, sound, testing): 30 h.

    Gem Slider
    I love this game, so I wanted to have one of my own for Android. And it was really a quick job, 3 days and the game was ready!
    Project started: 2013-12-29.
    Project finished (up to v1.0) 2013-12-31.
    Total time v1.0 (idea, coding, graphics, sound, testing): 28 h.
    Project finished (up to v1.1) 2014-01-01.
    Total time v1.1: 33 h.

    Eco Dumpster Jedi

    Project started: 2012-11-09.

    Classic Space Shooter

    Project started: 2012-10-15.


    Project started: 2012-11-03.


    Project started: 2012-11-05.


    Project started: 2013-09-18.

    Hindi Syllables

    Project started: 2013-12-17.

    Letter Draw

    Project started: 2014-01-11.

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