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NeEdit - history of changes

Few years ago I was forced to use Notepad.exe, a stantard plain text editor in Windows.
But it was lacking many things I considered necessary. Things like CTRL+S for save (now 
they fixed it) or current line number displayed somewhere. So I thought: why not write an 
own editor with at least CTRL+S added?
Since it would be written by myself I could enhance it all the time and add new features 
as I need them. That was 2001. New editor was born and it was called "Notepat" (d -> t). 
Versions 1.0 and 1.1 were released only among friends.

Later I renamed it to NeEdit. :)

I'm using NeEdit for few years now, enhancing it from time to time, sometimes fixing bugs. 
One day I realized that if I use it, if I like it, if it's useful and if some of my 
friends use it too, then maybe there are other people, that would NEED IT too, and that 
they may even buy it. However base program version is freeware, I'm working on better one,
with things like syntax highlighting and more...

BLA BLA, I'm afraid.... I still didn't fixed some important issues...
For example replace still doesn't work...
And they added CTRL+S in Notepad finally.

- Currently available is special BETA version released beacuse of user's requests.
- There sure are better editors around and I'm not sure if I will continue NeedIt's development...

There are the following KNOWN BUGS in current BETA version of the program:

1. Win 98 - url autodetect doesn't work (well, it depends...)
2. Win 2k / Win NT4.0 big files ( > 1MB) open VERY slow.....
3. false setting "modyfied" flag on some occasions
4. info (and status bar) - bad lines count (-1) if last line has only enter
5. minimize to tray - not really working (use not yet recomended)
6. if some *.ext is not registered to other app - there is no icon...

v1.2.2.98 (2008.06.07-08):
- Quadratic Equations
- n! math operator
- insert clipboard @ EOL
- Eb/EB in converter added/fixed
- PayPal donation option
- (un)escape string feature like %20%20 == url encode/decode
- sum, max, min, count, avg - on number list
- copy to clipboard from GREP

v1.2.2.97 (2008.02.24):
- ip to dec/bin/hex & vice versa

v1.2.2.96 (2008.01.30):
- EB exabyte added in cvnt tool
- HTML tables generation XxY

- solving equations of 2 variables

- roman to numer bug when not uppercase fixed
- in advanced lists generator: +hex
- generates list of strings by patterns, eg. Axx, Bxx, Cxx

V 1.2 Build
- search fixed,
- small registry bug fixed,
- added abc -> cba text reverse feature,
- added Shift+Ctrl+T for ROT13,
- bit/byte conversion - now also Tb, Pb, TB, PB,
- other minot fixes.

V 1.2 Build
- IMDB (Internet Movie Database) search,
- Delete to word feature.

V 1.2 Build
- backup mechanism fixed,
- autosave now saves all changed docs (even unnamed - in temp folder),
- new version checking mechanism added (see in About),
- lots of minor fixes,
- multiclipboard finally fixed and made useful,
- EXE size reduced by 20 kB,
- favorite texts funcionality revised and made useful (also slight changes in menu),
- unicode UTF-16 import added,
- multiple files open from explorer in multi-document mode fixed,
- default font charset bug fixed,
- added up/down move in toolbar setup.

V 1.2 Build
- official name is now NeEdit (former Notepat),
- clear undo buffer moved into edit menu,
- multi document version finally arises,
- and open in new tab feature is added,
- added roman <-> arabic numbers conversion,
- file extensions association finally fixed,
- fixed strange RTF trash appearing sometimes on startup,
- obsolete insert calculator value removed,
- hex editor now in separate modal window,
- added advanced list generator feature,
- number of spaces for tab <-> spaces conversion is now user-defined,
- added split column feature,
- added delete char at beginning of each line in selection feature,
- total lines count is shown in status bar,
- obsolete temeprature converter replaced with universal converter
  for temperature, length, mass, energy, information units/values conversion 
  and number base conversion (from 2 up to 36),
- added UNIX longing time do date/time conversion feature,
- menu has been reorganized,
- numlock status added in status bar (also initial state check of CAPS/NUM fixed),
- problem 'defocusing' application seems to be fixed,
- number of available NeEdit document icons reduced to 4,
- date format is now fully user-defined,
- added match next/previous bracket feature,
- printing without margins - fixed,
- added binary file import (in C, Pascal or plain hex style),
- added ask feature,
- key shortcuts are now user defined,
- find / find next finally fixed.

V 1.1 BETA Build
- added numbered and "-" lists creation feature,
- some minor fixes,
- fixed problem with unnecessary registry writting (for *.hlp) at startup.

V 1.1 BETA Build
- case conversion - fixed undo bug,
- insert date and time formatted by according to user’s input feature,
- ROT13 conversion feature,
- user-defined backup extension,
- fixed bug with code page conversion (‘Error loading converter’),
- added ability to read stdin (if any) at startup, 
  so NeEdit can be put at the end of pipe text processing,
- grep-like find results can now be saved as a text file,
- grep line numbers are now optional,
- ShellNew problem (Eplorer->RightMouse->New didn’t work) fixed.

V 1.1 BETA Build
- bug report feedback form fixed after changes in v,
- bug causing 100% CPU usage for big files fixed.

V 1.1 BETA Build
- faster startup and little less memory consumption.

V 1.1 BETA Build
- find and replace finally done!
- help improoved again.

V 1.1 BETA Build
- fixed bug: no other icon tray instance when closing,
- hex/dec conversion now works on whole blocks of text,
- added temperature converter (Celsius/Kelvin/Fahrenheit),
- variables available in math expressions evaluator,
- improoved help,
- removed bug that disallowed to select empty lines (which appeared in build

V 1.1 BETA Build
- added "insert clipboard content at beginning of every line in selection" feature,
- menu items have been slightly reorganized.

V 1.1 BETA Build
- added „calculate expression in selection” feature!
- added „convert decimal to binary” and „binary to decimal” features,
- added GREP-like search feature,
- added convert seconds in selection to h:m:s format feature,
- some RTF reading stuff fixed,
- added few new toolbar buttons,
- now you can save file in CRLF as well as in UNIX format (LF line ends),
- improved multiclipboard funcionality,
- fixed ASCII to CHAR conversion,
- added „convert number to text” (polish/english) feature,
- added „indent” (one space from left) feature,
- added „trim” (leading and trailing spaces) feature,
- added „unwrap lines” feature.

V 1.0 BETA Build
- fixed „Modified” bug whenever wordwrap option has changed,
- added „Warnings on/off” option which allows to disable some annoying warnings,
- added „Invert case” command in replace menu,
- fixed bug with uppercase/lowercase conversion,
- added multiple clipboard feature.


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